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Who are we ?

Essendilène Voyages is a professional team, managed by and constituted of Tuaregs, born in Sahara, immersed through generations in the desert and his spirit. Its aim is to develop sustainable, fair and solidarity tourism , WIKIPEDIA

Fair tourism applies to the principles of fair trade. Tourism operators are in direct partnership with local communities, who are paid fairly and participate directly in the common development and management of stays.

Sustainable tourism generally describes all forms of alternative tourism that respect, preserve and sustainably enhance the heritage (natural, cultural and social) resources of a territory to the attention of the tourists hosted, so as to minimize the negative impacts generate.

Solidarity tourism is respectful of the natural and cultural environment, privileges encounter and exchange, participates in an ethical way in local development. The activity does not benefit only one individual, it concerns a group of people involved in a project. In order for a project to be truly solidarity-based and thus beneficial to all involved, the distribution of resources and tasks must be discussed locally in a collective manner among all the members of the project.
based on respect for the environment and meeting local people.

Our history

Traditionally, the tuareg society was organized in a system of pastoral nomadism and caravans, adapted to the hard conditions in Sahara. Since the big dryness of the 70’s, this system isn’t possible anymore. The Tuaregs searched for other resources, and sedentary themselves. Few developed touristic activities and created travel agencies in big oasis like Djanet or Tamanrasset.

Those touristic activities help to live, directly or not, more than 80% of the population.

Abdou Borgi est is one of those creators of local tour agencies. Authentic Targui, who from his youngest age followed his elders on the caravans trail, and led the long errances of meharees. Having earned a perfect knowledge of his country, and talking fluently few languages, he founded in 1988, Essendilène Voyages, a tour company based in Djanet, in the heart of central Sahara, in the National Parc of Tassili.

Our Mission

The agency proposed travels adapted to your envies or projects, through discovery options or à la carte tours. Not only Essendilène Voyages brings you to encounter landscapes among the most beautiful of the world, and nomad populations, but is also specialized in training-treks (holistic gymnastic, art-therapy…).

But Sahara isn’t a fun fair. The tourism that we practice ask responsibilities and point the notion of respect. Respect of an environnement and a fragile ecosystem, of a precious natural and historical heritage (The Tassili Parc is a UNESCO world heritage site) and of course of the precious heritage of its inhabitants and their culture.

Essendilène Voyages’ policy is to distribute equally the different activities around tourism and to hire the most local team possible (drivers, cooks, guides, camel drivers…) In order to ameliorate the incomes of a maximum number of families. So your participation to our tours will help few families to ameliorate their everyday and not only our benefits. This willing can also be found through the creation of Amanar, our association.


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