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The Plateau of Tassili N'Ajjer


Trek on foot then mixed (on foot and 4x4). 8 or 15 days. 15 people minimum.

The Circuit over 8 days

■ 1st day: Reception at Djanet airport. Night in Djanet.
■ 2nd day: 4x4 transfer at the foot of the plateau. From now on, everything is done on foot. Ascent on the plateau, Arrival in the evening at the wadi TAMRIT. Bivouac.
■ 3rd day: Visit the valley of the millennial cypresses of Tamrit then move to the site of SEFAR. Bivouac.
■ Day 4: Exploring the mazes of SEFAR with its wonderful paintings. Then move to the wadi of Tin Rassouline. Bivouac.
■ 5th day: Return to Tamrit, through the canyons of greeny canyons. Bivouac.
■ 6th day: Descent to Djanet. Tranfer 4x4 to Timras with its wonderful landscapes of sand and rocks. Mixed walk and 4x4.
■ 7th day: Travel to the Erg Admer. Mixed walk and 4x4.
■ 8th day: Return to Djanet.Bivouac. Visit the souk. Bivouac then transfer to the airport.


This tour will be available from February 2019. The climb on the plateau is done with the help of mules that carry the food and your luggage (5Kg max / person). Bring only the bare minimum. Difficult climb, descent and dizzying. You have to have a good physical shape.

The plateau is a wonderful natural place. The man has not yet disfigured this site. So respect the environment. No waste. Think of the gazelles, ibex, jackals that live on this site and rub shoulders there every day extraordinary rock paintings and geological wonders.


All our packages include:
■ all the stewardship (food and bivouacs).
■ on-site transfers and luggage transport.
■ the on-site supervision by our teams.

Are off packages:
■ plane tickets : Phone : 01 40 33 32 60
■ cancellation insurance, repatriation, luggage.
■ the cost of visas.

Rates adapted according to length of stay.

Contact the Agency.

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