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Crossing the Hoggar-Tassili


Transfer in 4x4. Hiking. 8 or 15 days. 5 to 14 people. From the North or from the South.

The Circuit over 15 days by the North

■ 1st to 5th day : Flight to Tamanrasset. Visit Tamanrasset, Assekrem, the Hermitage of "Père de Foucault", Atakor, Ideles, Talouat, Sirouanet. Crossing of the Grand Erg Admer, Essendilene.
■ 6th to 9th day : Walk to the Great Ark of Tikoboene. Tilalene. Taouïa.
■ 7th to 9th day : Tin Kani et In Esso. Peintures rupestres du plateau de Jabbaren.
■ 10th au 14th day : Transfer in 4x4 in the direction of the "Plateau du Tassili". Sites of rock paintings of Tamrit et Sefar. Transfer to Djanet.
■ 15th day: Back to Europe

The Circuit over 15 days by the South

Tagrera, Tagart, Issalane, Iouf, Haket, Erg Kiliane, Mont Gauthier, Alidama, Mochor, Indiarane, Moulnaga, Timerzouga, etc.


All our packages include:
■ all the stewardship (food and bivouacs).
■ on-site transfers and luggage transport.
■ the on-site supervision by our teams.

Are off packages:
■ plane tickets : Phone : 01 40 33 32 60
■ cancellation insurance, repatriation, luggage.
■ the cost of visas.

Rates adapted according to length of stay.

Contact the Agency.

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