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Transfer in 4x4. Hiking. 8 or 15 days. 5 to 14 people

The Circuit over 15 days

Flight to Djanet. Visit the palm grove and night in Djanet.
From the start, we enter the maze of the foothills of the Plateau, surprising landscapes of carved rocks and dunes, constantly renewed. We bivouac at the bottom of the Essendilène canyon.

After visiting the guelta, surrounded by pink laurels, we begin the ascent of the impressive Akba Tin Taradjeli to reach the Plateau, black and arid. By the Wadi Dider, we win the site of Tin Teghert. We admire the engravings of Tin Teghert, then we discover the two superposed gueltas of Assar . We cross the rugged plateau of Fadnoun until Tasset , sumptuous scenery of eroded mountains, which shelters beautiful cave paintings. Then it is the descent towards the plain of Afara , guarded by immense stone warriors.

We will admire the paintings of Ifadaniouen before reaching the oasis of Tamadjert , its vast gueltas and its many paintings. We leave Tassili. In front of us, picked up in high dunes around two black rocks, extends the Erg Tihodaine . We will follow it to the Tafassasset, an immense wadi whose streams once flowed to Lake Tchad.

After exploring the Tazat region and climbing the Tin Mouna and Tin Abaro dunes, we follow the Tafassasset to Erg Admer . We will install our bivouac in the hollow of the great dunes, whose splendor we can admire at sunset. We cross the dunes of the Erg Admer from West to East, reaching the site of Tegharghart , with unforgettable engravings. Straight on the cliff of Tassili, we will bivouac at the foot of the Akba Aroum .

Jabbaren rock-art site, where thousands of rock paintings are gathered. Early morning, climb the Akba Aroum (600 m of uneven) and visit on foot of the rock sites. In the afternoon, descent of the Akba on foot and return to Djanet by car.

Departure from Djanet.


All our packages include:
■ all the stewardship (food and bivouacs).
■ on-site transfers and luggage transport.
■ the on-site supervision by our teams.

Are off packages:
■ plane tickets : Phone : 01 40 33 32 60
■ cancellation insurance, repatriation, luggage.
■ the cost of visas.

Rates adapted according to length of stay.

Contact the Agency.

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