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In addition to its 7 traditional circuits and its à la carte stays, Agence Essendilène Voyages has decided to offer 2 short stays of 3 or 5 days in strange and magnificent sites of the South Saharan.

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Welcome at the edge of the desert

At the east of Tamanrasset, between sand and rocks, the oasis of Djanet attracts and fascinates the traveler. It still prevails the bewitching atmosphere of travels in days of yore, when the long caravans loaded with spices, salt or tea, reached without restrictions countries called today, Libya, Niger, or Mali. Because, just there, behind its generous ramparts, starts the infinite of yellow, pink and black sands, the desert of barren rocks where the sight is led astray.

Discovering the Sahara


You won’t soak in without a reliable and cautious guide. Whose perfect knowledge of the region is the guarantee of a total security and a successful travel in the desert. By foot, on the back of a camel or in the 4x4 cabin, it’s him that will be able to initiate you to the mysteries of the Sahara, this untrammeled country of which he knows the slightest secret.

Trekking tours, camel trip, hiking, or 4x4. Our team is constituted of professional tuaregs, experimented, who will take you to encounter Sahara, its inhabitants and their culture.

For you, words like Ténéré, Kel-Ajjer, Tassili, guelta or meharee, will take the unmatched relief of the things you lived.


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