Our tours

We present here a large range of ways toward the same dazzler. Meharee, trekking or 4x4, each meter covered in this other universe brings its own sensations, smells, grandiose and immoderate landscapes.

Here starts the adventure

Essendilene Voyages proposes 8 discovery travels in South Algeria and Niger: Tassili N’Ajjer, Hoggar, Ténéré and Aïr.
We provide as well à la carte trips, where the activities and itineraries are adapted to your envies.

photo chameaux

Go back to the Neolithic period in those high places of Rupestrian Art. Explore dunes, plateaux, gueltas and oasis. Meet the nomad populations and their cultures. Relax in the evening, when the tea ceremony allures eyes and gourmands. What to say then, of the magnificence of sunsets and the immensity of the starry sky above your head?

Words and pictures will lack of strength to restitute such moments, but you’ll keep intact the souvenir of pure beauty.