Practical information

Advices and notes on your trip in the desert.

Travel conditions

■ Luggages and material for the bivouacs, as well as food reserves transported by animals (camels, donkeys) or in vehicles, depending of the tour.
■ All our guides are tuaregs. Their unique knowledge of the country is the guaranty of a fine travel in the most perfect security and in the respect of a fragile ecosystem.


Bivouac nights in the open, are chosen sites and downwind.
A foam mattress and a blanket will be provided to all participant. (Except tours without full financial responsibility).
■ Water to have a wash, will be measured according to the available stocks.

Food and drinks

■ Expedition food, as various as possible, according to supply possibilities in Djanet.
■ Cold meal for lunch and warm for diner (wood stocks will be carried during stages where wood is missing).
■ Drinking water in all tours (supply in each water point).
■ Green tea, prepared according to the tuareg method.


Your luggage weight mustn’t exceed 15 kg.

Backpack in hard-wearing cloth.
Sleeping bag ( high mountain type from December to February) and sleeping bag sheet.
Cloth or cotton clothes (long sleeves for the sun). A warm pullover or jacket for evenings. Good and comfortable sport shoes and sandals.
Large brim hat, sun glasses, solar cream.
Pocket torch (batteries), towel and toilet bag, flask.
■ Your personal medicines, aspirine, plasters, anti diarrhoeal…
A little bag will be helpful, for your belongings during the day, camera and flask, for your luggage won’t be easily reachable.
A lighter and plastic bags (10L) to burn papers and sanitary towels in order to avoid unpleasant traces of our transit.


Saharan, dry and warm during the day (25° to 30° depending on the period), cold at night, especially in altitude (0°). Important temperature gaps between day and night.

Because of seasons change, sand winds are more frequents.