Discovery options

You can discover, through those 8 suggestions of tours, richness of Sahara. Its geographic, historic and cultural treasures.

Tassili N’Ajjer & Hoggar (Algeria)

1. Méharée | 2. 100% rock paintings | 3. Cross over Hoggar-Tassili | 4. Oasis, meet nomad populations | 5. The thousand faces of Sahara | 6. Toward others Tassili

 [ Photo : Ski dans les dunes.]

You’ll travel through time, contemplating the rock paintings and gravures, which describe the exuberant fauna of the prehistoric savanna in the sites of Jabbaren, Tamrit, Sefar and Tin Tarhert, or reliving step by step the itinerary described by Frison-Roche in his book Rendez-vous à Essendilène.

Tikoboène and its gigantic arch of rock, the unforgettable view on the Admer steppe, the astonishing parade of rocks in Aloukou, the canyon of Indjaren with its lunar landscapes, the forest of rocks and its surprising shapes in In Aramas, the guelta of Essendilène and its gardens of rose-bays or the great oued of Talouat surrounded by tamarix, the superb volcanic landscapes of Atakor, the red sands in Tin Merzouga, the highest dune of Sahara, the labyrinth of alleyways in Tilalène.

Chaos of rocks eroded by the sand or dunes undulations, all those places will fulfill your imagination. You’ll live intensely the bivouacs in the dunes under the clear sky, meetings with tuareg population, and will taste the flavor of baths in delicious and unexpected waters of gueltas, or the pleasure of sliding down the dunes on skis.

Ténéré & Aïr (Niger)

7.Searching for the lost tree | 8. On the caravans trail.

From Djanet to Agadez, those tours will bring you in a real diving into the desert of deserts. The grandiose and various beauty of the landscapes awakes in us an “end of the earth” feeling and a singular emotion seeing one of the many caravans that still stride through this part of Sahara.

At the south-east of Tamarasset, boundless horizontal space, the Ténéré straighten its dunes and its mythical immensity on almost 600 km² before colliding with one of the highest massif in Sahara : the Aïr.

After long days in the mineral universe, the miracle of water : a succession of oasis, the freshness of gardens and the laugh of a child, brings us at this Carrefour of “all Africas” that is Agadez.